Cedar Trees (Toona Ciliata)

Commonly known as the red cedar, these trees can be found growing throughout Asia, – from Afghanistan to Papua New Guinea and Australia. It is one of only a few deciduous native trees, losing their leaves in winter.

It is a large rainforest tree, commonly used for veneers and panelling. In early pioneering days in Australia the ‘Cedar Cutters’ frequently preceded more permanent settlers and were often responsible for the opening up of new areas for the ever expanding European arrivals. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the Cedar Cutters also resulted in the over exploitation of our rainforests with the most precious of rainforest trees – the Red Cedar (Toona ciliata) or ‘Red Gold’ as it was known, being cut to commercial extinction by the beginning of the 20th century.

The timber has a rich red depth and a wood-workers dream. The wood is soft, making it easy to work with and is pest and water resistant.

Although mostly found in rainforest areas, with the right start, it has been known to survive and give delight to keen gardeners throughout Australia – including those living west of the Great Dividing Range.

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