"Descriptions conjure up beautiful imagery for the reader and depictions of real life show it’s not all smooth sailing."

Craig - Goodreads Reviewer

A milestone birthday. A job she no longer enjoys. And a marriage in tatters. 
When her world comes crashing around her, Louisa Crothers is torn between fighting for the life she knows—or choosing another path–one she had never considered.
A holiday cottage on a Queensland sheep and cattle property catches her eye and Louisa heads west, searching for the opportunity to relive childhood memories, renew her passion for painting and allow the peace and serenity of the country to guide her decisions.
While Louisa settles into farm life, disappointment and regrets fade as she becomes embroiled in the lives and loves of the Tullagulla residents. A chance meeting brings an invitation to help paint a mural on the local grain silos while an unexpected bond forms between Louisa and the solitary station hand with a Midas touch for horses.
As heart-rending events unravel, Louisa is forced to appreciate the land and those who work with it and she finds herself questioning the value of her return to the city and all it contains.
Will she find answers—and happiness? Or is it easier to cling to old habits and familiarity, leaving her rural memories nothing more than a dream?

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