I love lupins and to see them adorning the cover of book two in the Fantail Ridge series brought me pure joy and anticipation. A solid foundation of characters and location were established in the first book which paved the seamless entry into this delight. The family dynamics and landscape imagery had me drawn in.
The connections to the first book fitted in beautifully and leaves me hungry for the third and final dose.
Phil / Craig - Goodreads Reviewer

Dawn Burton is happy with her high heeled shoes, movie nights, and a social, city hairdressing career. She even tolerates her overbearing mother. But all that fades into oblivion when a handsome farmer sweeps her off her feet.
While she struggles with loneliness of farm living, a minefield of complex personalities and a tragic loss, relief comes from an unexpected source – the developing bond with her mother-in-law, Alice. Dawn quickly realizes that all choices have consequences.
As she rises to the challenges, her love for her husband and country life deepen. But when a series of crises befall the family and a long held secret is exposed, Dawn finds her world once more shifting under her gumbooted feet …