I’ve loved reading and writing all my life, but except for the usual English classes in school, it wasn’t a career option I chose. Instead, I worked as a Veterinary Nurse and was encouraged by my parents to learn typing— “it will stand you in good stead for life”–they said. And it has.

For years I worked on our farm, brought up a family, and wrote a weekly letter to my mother. Our written exchange inspired me, so I kept a diary, dabbled in poetry writing and continued to correspond with friends and family all over the world.

Eventually—after a particularly bad day at work, the arrival of a new grandchild and a mild health scare, I decided the time had come to take leave from my job and write the book that had been hovering in my head for years. I had no idea where to begin so joined a four-day writer’s retreat in the most beautiful, rural spot imaginable. It was during that weekend that I met a group of enthusiastic and inspirational writers, received lots of encouragement and mentoring, and got my first contract. So, the moral of this story, for any would-be authors out there, is never give up!

I’ve now written eleven rural novels over three series and am currently working on the twelfth. The first “Tullagulla” series provides an insight to life on a large sheep and cattle property with colourful characters, drama and love in the harsh Queensland outback. The second “Fantail Ridge” series begins in 1935 and is spread over three generations living on a glorious peninsula in New Zealand. In my latest series “Featherwood Falls”, I delve into heart-warming fiction with a good dollop of mystery and suspense—all set in the beautiful Granite Belt area of southeast Queensland. I do love small rural towns and after living in this area for many years, have been inspired by its history and strong, hardworking residents.

I also love gardening, and now live near Toowoomba on the gorgeous Darling Downs with my husband, dogs, pet Cockatiel and chickens. Most of my writing days are spent at my desk near a window that overlooks our back garden providing an ever-changing view of colour, birds and lush greenery. I can be found there, working on my next book except when we’re travelling around this fabulous country in our caravan, caring for grandchildren, meeting up with friends and family, or walking our dogs.

There’s more about my books, recipes I’ve shared, stories from years of life on the farm and what’s distracting me now, on my blog pages.

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