Dreams and Promises

A box set that follows three generations of Simpson women as they negotiate love, life and everyday struggles on “Fantail Ridge”, the family farm on a beautiful New Zealand peninsula.

Peninsula Promises – Far from home and family, and with the threat of war looming. How can the promise of happiness ever be fulfilled?

In 1930s New Zealand, stability and contentment are hard won, especially for a young wife and mother. When Alice Simpson agrees to move to a sheep farm on a windswept peninsula with her husband and children, the lack of a house, electricity, and a decent road weren’t quite what she expected.

The Lupin Fields A comfy suburban home, a life filled with love and a large, happy family. Not such a big ask—is it?

Dawn Burton is happy with her high heeled shoes, movie nights, and a social, city hairdressing career. She even tolerates her overbearing mother. But all that fades into oblivion when a handsome farmer sweeps her off her feet.

The Scent of Promise – A family farm, financial hardship, forgiveness, and fortitude.

With her thirtieth birthday just around the corner and a dream promotion on the cards at work, rising show jumping star Hannah Simpson has the world at her feet—until a series of events changes her life forever.

A disillusioned Hannah answers the call home to Fantail Ridge, the family farm in South Head, New Zealand, only to be shocked by what awaits her there. While having to deal with tragedy, she also faces a mountainous backlog of farm work, and a financial emergency.

If you like country life with all its dramas, suspense and of course romance, then this series is for you.


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