The Scent of Promise

A family farm, financial hardship, forgiveness, and fortitude.

With her thirtieth birthday just around the corner and a dream promotion on the cards at work, rising show jumping star Hannah Simpson has the world at her feet—until a series of events changes her life forever.

A disillusioned Hannah answers the call home to Fantail Ridge, the family farm in South Head, New Zealand, only to be shocked by what awaits her there. While having to deal with tragedy, she also faces a mountainous backlog of farm work, and a financial emergency.

When a handsome shearer turns up at the farm gate, he seems like an answer to her prayers … except for his dubious history. Although undeniably capable, not to mention pulse-poundingly attractive, the last thing Hannah wants in her life is another man of questionable integrity. One disastrous relationship is more than enough to put a girl off men forever.

But with no other options available, Hannah must recruit the shearer’s help if she’s to get the struggling, debt-ridden farm back on its feet.

Could diversifying into flower growing be a solution? Or is she headed for a lavender-scented disaster that could see Hannah lose her home, her farming future, and her grandparents’ hard-won and precious legacy?

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